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Wareika - Amber Vision (incl Matthias Kaden Remix)

Label: bar 25 
Stil: Minimal House 
Genre: 12" IND 
VÖ Datum: 2012-06-20 
Beschreibung:back in stock! Long-winded essays on the musical qualities of Wareika are unnecessary. The trio has been playing its way in to the hearts of electronic listeners and party-goers since their first release in 2008 – especially with their brilliant live performances. Wareika’s solid output has been proven over and over with steady releases on noted labels like liebe*detail, Conaisseur or Perlon. Falling categorically somewhere in between house, jazz and dub, Wareika have remained individualists and their music is a hot topic for DJs, clubbers and festival visitors alike. Now, at the end of the 2011 season, we’re proud to release “Amber Vision” – a Wareika record that couldn’t fit better into the Bar25 musical family. The track “Red Sun” plays with the clownish atmosphere particular to special times enjoyed in our own four walls. Brass, piano, and a crazy male chorus suddenly give way to harmonies from the far east – as always, one of the miniature all-you-can-eat musical buffets provided by Wareika. By contrast, “Forest” is a hypnotic bassline number dominated by wonderfully weird vocals. A runway made for take-off… …directly into the arms of Mathias Kaden, our good friend and travel companion from Vakant. This lush ending to the release offers something for the club DJ. Taking elements from both tracks, Mathias tinkered up a phenomenal, rolling house ride, inspiring us to thank him in the name of the sweaty club crowd before it even hits the dance floor.
Preis: 5.15€ 


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